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26-Sep-2022 12 am

One of the finest artists of sea-paintings was a Russian Romantic painter named Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, who lived from 29 July, 1817 to 2 May, 1900. He was baptised as Hovhannes Aivazian and was primarily centred in the Black Sea city of Feodosia in Crimea, where he was born into an Armenian family. Aivazovsky came to Europe after receiving his studies at the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg, and he spent a brief period of time there in the early 1840s. When he eventually went back to Russia, he was given the position of chief painter of the Russian Navy. Aivazovsky frequently attended military exercises and had deep contacts to the military and political elite of Russian Empire. He had state sponsorship and enjoyed popularity during his lifetime. In Russia, the expression — Worthy of Aivazovskys Brush — made popular by Anton Chekhov, was used to describe something exquisite. In the twenty-first century, Russia still gives him a lot of fame. Aivazovsky, one of the most well-known Russian artists of his period, was well-liked outside of the Russian Empire. He held a lot of solo shows in the US and Europe. He produced almost 6,000 paintings during the course of his nearly 60-year career, ranking him among the most productive artists of his day. Although he painted seascapes the vast majority of the time, he also frequently painted combat scenes, portraits and also topics related to Armenia. The majority of the works of Aivazovsky are preserved in public and private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, and Turkey. [Information and Image Credit : Ivan_Aivazovsky , Wikipedia] [Image: The Ninth Wave (1850, Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg) is considered the most famous work of Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky.] [Image Availed Under Public Domain Work (Please Relate to Individual Image URL for More Usage Property)] [Source-Image-Source-URL : ] #Art  







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