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     বর্তমান ভারত
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17-Apr-2022 02 am

Arise awake and stop not until the goal is reached -- is a slogan popularized in the late 19th century by Indian Hindu Monk Swami Vivekananda, who took inspiration in a sloka of Katha Upanishad. It was his message to the world to get out of their hypnotized state of mind. In the 1.3.14 chapter of Katha Upanishad, the first words of this phrase can be found, where Yama is teaching Nachiketa the methods of Yoga. The sloka was meant as a call to his countrymen to awaken their --sleeping soul-- and propagate the message of peace and blessings given by the --ancient Mother-- to the world. Awake also denotes the awakening of one's real nature and the consequent ushering in of prosperity. This shloka is the basis of the title of the book The Razor's Edge and the 1946 film and the 1984 film, and also of various music albums in the west by bands like AC/DC, Dave Holland, etc. (Credit: Wikipedia) [Image 1: Swami Vivekananda, 2. Sculpture of the Dikpala Yama 3. Swami Vivekananda] 

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Athena Column by Leonidas Drosis (1834/1836/1843 - 1882) in front of the Academy of Athens. Leonidas was a Greek neoclassical sculptor of the 19th century. #Greek #Greece #Art #ArtWork #Sculpture #neoclassical (Credit: Greek_art, Wikipedia ) (Link: )

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A Coloumn from Chennakeshwa Temple, Belur, Karnataka, India. A 12th Centurey Hindu Temple 🙏😍❤️   #Art #Architecture #Sculpture #NFT

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Taq-e-Bostan Kermanshah Province, Iran 3rd century AD Sasanian Dynasty (Credit: Darius A. Kamali, Facebook) (Image Source: ) #Art  #ArtWork #Architecture #Sculpture

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Cosmological Beings of Divinity and Enlightenment within the Buddhist Context. #Art #Artwork #Sculpture #Artists #Buddhism #Vajrayana # (Credit: Temple of the Immovable Facebook) (Source:

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Athenian Cavalryman, #Dexileos fighting a Peloponnesian hoplite in the #Corinthian War. Dexileos was killed in action near #Corinth in the summer of 394 BC, probably in the Battle of #Nemea, or in a proximate engagement. Grave Stele of Dexileos, 394-393 BC.  (Credit: Hellenic History , Facebook) (Source: ) #Greece #Greek #Art #history #Hellenic #Sculpture

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Buddha flanked by Bodhisattvas. Cave 4, Ajaṇṭā Caves, Mahārāṣtra, #India. (Credit: Mahāsāṃghika, Wikipedia) (Image Source: ) #Maharashtra #Art #ArtWork #Sculpture 

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Lord Vishnu along with Devi Lakshmi and Sarasvati, 11-12th century, #Bihar or #Bengal, #Pala Period. #Sculpture #Art #ArtWork (Credit Wikipedia, Pala Empire) (Source:,_Lakshmi_and_Sarasvati,_11-12th_century,_Bihar_or_Bengal,_Pala_period.jpg )

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Sonia Sareen's Patrini pic: Shazid Chauhan A feminine sculpture born of roots Uma Nair INDEPENDENT CURATOR AND ART CRITIC Published Mar 15, 2022 SONIA SAREEN PATRINI BRONZE I HAVE A DREAM: Curator Uma Nair At Mashaart Camellias Gurgaon   (Credit: Debabrata Chakrabarti, Time Present and Time Past, Facebook) (Source: #Artists #Sculpture

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Artist : Kang Dong Hyun. “Forest of Coexistence” (2021). Stainless steel & urethane paint, 150 x 120 x 50 centimeters (Credit: Sculpture, Facebook) (Source: ) #Sculpture #Forest #Coexistence #Steel #KangDongHyun