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25-Sep-2022 04 am

French painter Carle or Charles-André van Loo (15 February 1705–15 July 1765) was the grandson of Jacob van Loo and the son of the artist Louis-Abraham van Loo. He was also younger brother of Jean-Baptiste van Loo . He belonged to a prosperous family of Dutch-born artists and was its most well-known member. His body of work spans every genre, including religious, historical, mythological, portrait, allegoric, and genre settings. [Image : Halt to the Hunt, 1737, by - Charles-André van Loo] [Information and Image Credit : Charles-André_van_Loo, Wikipedia] [Image Availed Under Public Domain Work of Art (Please Relate to Individual Image URLs for More Usage Property)] [Source Image URL:,_dit_Carle_Vanloo_-_Halte_de_chasse_(1737).JPG ]    #Art







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