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Gondolin was a secret citadel of the Elves in about the centre of Beleriand, a region of Middle-earth. Turgon the Wise, an early First Age ruler of the Ñoldorin, is credited with founding it. Among all of the Ñoldorin realms in banishment, it survived the longest, enduring over four centuries during the Years of the Sun. The Lord of Waters, Vala Ulmo, gave the Ñoldorin Lord Turgon the whereabouts of the Vale of Tumladen in a dream, according to The Silmarillion. Turgon journeyed from his dominion in Nevrast and established the vale thanks to this heavenly direction. A circular, leveled meadow with steep walls on all sides and a ravine and tunnel heading out to the southwest, known as the Hidden Way, was located within the Encircling Mountains just west of Dorthonion and east of the river Sirion. Amon Gwareth was the name of a inclined hill that was in the midst of the valley. Turgon made the decision to construct a magnificent settlement there, one that would be hidden from the Dark Lord Morgoth and shielded by the mountains. Turgon and his followers secretly created Gondolin for about 75 years. After it was finished, he took roughly a third of the Ñoldor and nearly three quarters of the northern Sindar with him to live in the hidden city. He also took his whole people in Nevrast. Although it was prohibited to leave Gondolin, Turgon sent out couriers, like as Voronwë, to appeal to the Valar for support in the wars against Morgoth. Later in the Nírnaeth Arnoediad, Turgon commanded his troops to the rescue of his brother Fingon and, thanks to the sacrifice of Húrin and Huor, was able to survive the subsequent setback with his army. Years later, Tuor, son of Huor, arrived in Gondolin bearing an admonition from Ulmo to evacuate the city before it was annihilated. Turgon disregarded the advice because he felt safe within his fortified walls of his city. The city lasted for almost 400 years until Maeglin, nephew of Turgon, betrayed him to Morgoth, after which the troops of the Dark Lord devastated the city! [Information Credit : https://lotr.fandom.com/wiki/Gondolin ] #LOTR 







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