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Domovoy, which literally translates to — (the one) of the household — is the domestic spirit of a particular family in the Slavic religious tradition. They are venerated ancestors, or, to put it another way, the founding forebears of the kin. The Domovoy is a manifestation of the ultimate Rod in the smaller unit of kinship, according to Russian folklorist E. G. Kagarov. Though he is typically a single god, he occasionally has a female counterpart in the form of Domania, the goddess of the home. The Domovoy manifests himself in the many activities of the family as a variety of other spirits. The word Domovoy derives from the Indo-European root word *dom, which is inherited by numerous terms in the Indo-European languages that have the semantic meaning of - abode or domain. The Domovoy are thought to guard the welfare of the family in all of its facets. They continually take care of the family animals and children and are highly protective of them. These gods are frequently shown as engaging in combat with one another in order to safeguard and advance the wellbeing of their tribe. In such battles, it is thought that the Domovoy of the family that prevails ultimately takes control of the home of the defeated adversaries. They are thought to be able to predict and foretell future occurrences, such as the impending death of a relative, plagues, wars, or other tragedies that endanger the wellbeing of the kin. They are also thought to share the happiness and grief of the family. If the Domovoy family is tainted by inappropriate behaviour and words, the Domovoy grow enraged and exhibit their demonic side. The god might even give up in this situation, leaving the clan defenceless against disease and catastrophe. . [Information and Image Credit : Domovoy, Wikipedia] [Image : Domovoy, by Ivan Bilibin (1934)] [Image Availed Under Public Domain Work of Art (Please Relate to Individual Image URLs for More Usage Property)] [Original Source Image URL : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Domovoi.jpg ]







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